“There’s room for everyone in this industry, let’s just support eachother.”

the doll’s house group

WELCOME TO THE DOLL’S HOUSE…where girl power is a trend!

Owned by three fearless, strong and passionate young girls who have always known that TDH is so much more than just a salon. They’ve conquered the unimaginable; expanded their business into a brand that’s now recognised far and wide but most of all they’ve created a whole new dimension in the world of beauty.
A place for women to truly express themselves; home to over 20 like-minded artists who have girl power running through their veins, they dream with no limits and they never give up.

Self belief can take one so far but it is that of the company you surround yourself with that helps you to go that little bit further. We really do believe in the power of girls.

The Dolls House is a Salon, an Academy, a feeling, a vibe… some would even say magical. So hold on tight because every fairy tale has a happy ending and this is only the very first page…

The Doll’s House x