Charlotte Kirk – Modern Day Twiggy

Charlotte Kirk – Modern Day Twiggy


Hey Dolls.

In this tutorial I’ve taken inspiration from the icon Twiggy, a 1960’s supermodel who was famous for her unique features, big eyes and false lashes. I’ve taken me ideas and created a modern day wearable glam. I believe that as a makeup artist / lover it’s so important to try to find inspiration wherever you can, weather it’s from watching my tutorials or finding makeup trends from a certain era and putting your own touch on it. My techniques are broken down into great detail and can be transferred to any makeup look. Make this look your own by changing up the colours or simply recreate mine.

Download today and it’s yours to keep forever. Remember to take a copy of your link and Password upon download and keep it safe, this will allow you to long in each time and watch it back.

As a result of the temporary closure, we have tried to diversify by introducing paid video tutorials to provide us with a form of income during these uncertain times.

Thank you very much for your help and support during a time which is difficult for all.

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