Charlotte Kirk – Quarantine Glam Tutorial

Charlotte Kirk – Quarantine Glam Tutorial


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we’ve literally got no other choice but to stay indoors With our family .. and do what?? LEARN NEW SKILLS of course ! I’ve created my first or many tutorials for you to practice from the safety of your own home.

Watch me as I break down each step, talking through techniques whilst referencing every product and brush I’m using.

Current circumstances mean that this is a difficult time for our industry. The Covid-19 outbreak has meant that we have had to close our salon until the government provides further advice and the situation improves. This is completely necessary in order to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.

As a result of the temporary closure, we have tried to diversify by introducing paid video tutorials to provide us with a form of income during these uncertain times. Thank you very much for your help and support during a time which is difficult for all.

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