Fully accredited gel nail & nail art dual course

Fully accredited gel nail & nail art dual course

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Please be aware you must be available on BOTH training dates: 10th April, 10am-2pm & 24th April 10am-2pm

Snacks and refreshments included!

Please arrive with nothing on your nails (no acrylic/shellac).

Each course will run 10am-2pm and you will receive your certificate once you have completed the final date.

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Our Gel Nail & Nail Art dual course teaches you how to apply a professional UV/LED cured Gel polish for a long lasting high gloss finish, along with a full day of nail art two weeks later which leaves you ready to create the perfect designs with quality. This course is open to complete beginners or existing therapists, no previous experience is required to attend and you will leave with a fully accredited certificate in Gel Nails.

Gel Polish Course 

April 10th – North West Training Academy – 10am-2pm

This is the first part of the course: the Beginners Gel polish training course.

Time: 10am – 2pm

Dress Code: Please wear professional attire

Certification: Certificate for my chosen system, (Gel). Accredited by Professional Beauty and The Beauty Guild.

Course Details:

What will the course cover?

Anatomy, nail disorders & diseases, health & hygiene
Workstation set-up, product knowledge, nail varnishing & varnish removal
Hands-on application of chosen system i.e. application of tips, blending, overlays, filing, re-shaping & finishing application.
Removal of nails
Maintenance/Rebalancing of chosen system
Client care & consultation, homecare, retailing & general business advice

How will the course be taught?

Day 1 – understanding theory and practice demonstration followed by students working together on each other to practise techniques.

How will the course be assessed?

Observation of practical skills during the course along with oral questioning to clarify understanding. Home assessments will be rated on a score card.

Is the course accredited?

Accredited by Professional Beauty & The Beauty Guild. The course includes a certificate for your chosen system which will enable you to obtain liability insurance.

Nail Art Course

24th April – The Dolls House Academy – 10am-2pm

This is the final part of the course: the nail art course for beginners.

Course Duration: half day

Time: 10am – 2pm

Dress Code: Please wear professional attire


Course Details:

With over 6 years experience working in the nail industry, this part of the course with Amy is designed to help you LOVE being a nail technician as much as she does and keep up with up current trends alongside the growing demand from clients.

Once you have completed part one of this course with Diane, you will then be given a two week period in which to practice as much as you can and master your technique, before you return to The Dolls House Academy to learn nail art. Here you will learn skills such as sharpie art, water transfer and application, striping and layering, marbling and more. Amy will also talk you through social media and photographing your work so you will get the perfect picture and advice to add to your page/portfolio

Lastly, don’t pass this as an opportunity to connect and grow with other aspiring nail technicians who may be in similar situations to you. With only 8 spaces available the intimate setting is the perfect environment to really get in the zone and start something new.. This course enables you to discuss your journey, your wins, your learns, your changes and is a time for you to reflect and set goals for your next steps. Leave feeling inspired and raring to go!!!!!!